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Deeane Shrinks Couple

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Deeane was showing a couple a house when she noticed the husband starting at her feet and shoes and getting turned on, so she decides to shrink the couple in this giantess erotic fantasy video. She will keep the couple in a birdcage and have fun playing with them sexually; as they are plastic doll-sized and she can easily control their orgasms and sexual activity. They are totally under the control of the giantess, and her kinky pleasure will become their command for the rest of their shrunken lives.

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Giantess Jade’s Empire of Shrunken Sex Dolls

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Asian bombshell Jade Vixen is actually an alien who has a captive breeding program for shrunken people, so she must instill a lot of erotic stimulus to keep them breeding. And the reason she breeds them is that they make the most delicious food on her home world in this Giantess fantasy shrunken sex video! Jade goes from sexy outfit and high heels to nude as she puts her tiny minions through the most erotic torments this alien Giantess can imagine!

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