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Alexa Butt Crushes A Car

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Blond Giantess Alexa’s butt comes crashing down on a car while she is wearing her tight blue jeans. As she smothers the entire car with her ass in this butt crushing video, the car is completely buried and smothered underneath her powerful butt. In case you have any doubt about how that feels, Alexa’s expression makes it clear that car crushing gets this powerful Giantess very hot, and you can image what it might feel like to be covered by her ass!

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Car Crushing Katja

Monday, June 18th, 2012

atja has a tight, firm young ass that she fully intends to use to completely crush a car while she is wearing her tight jeans this. In this  butt crushing giantess video. Katja writhes and wiggles and bounces up and down and every which way on top of the car until it is completely wrecked, changing positions and angles as her butt crushes and crashes again and again until the job is done. It’s a testament to her powerful, dominant ass and Katja’s dedication to serious butt crushing.

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