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Devoured by a Giantess

Monday, February 6th, 2012

The little shrunken man is the object of the Giantess’ oral fixation, as she licks, tastes, sucks and otherwise orally engages him in this Giantess fantasy video. But there is an ending that the little man could never have anticipated. When she is done with him, he is swallowed and eaten by the Giantess, but not before her tongue and mouth explore and engulf him totally. Perhaps, for a shrunken man who has only his Giantess to please, there is no better way to go!

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Vampire Giantess Katelyn

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Giantess Katelyn is a vampire who has shrunk a potential victim and now has the little man exactly where she wants him. In this fantasy scenario fetish video, the vampire Katelyn lick, fondles and otherwise molests her shrunken man, and then, as all vampires must, succumbs to her erotic desire to bite him. Of course his flesh is now tough as a shrunken doll, and only Katelyn knows how far she will go to satisfy her insatiable, vampiric desires with her shrunken male captive.

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Devoured by Giantess Kerri

Monday, June 6th, 2011

A tiny man who is trapped in the mouth of Giantess Kerri will be good to the very last bite in this vore Giantess mouth fetish video. As she chews her licorice, the tiny man is inside her licorice and inside of Kerri’s mouth as she chews and rolls her lips and tongue and teeth all over the licorice. For the tiny man, this is the very last erotic treat he will have before he becomes a part of Kerri forever!

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